General Urology



TURP is the endoscopic surgical procedure for patients with Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy (BPH / prostate problems). TURP is advocated for patients with complications of BPH and for patients not responding to medical treatment. Because of age related changes in urinary bladder 15-20% of patients do not do well after prostate surgery. The availability of urodynamics in our hospital helps us to select patients who will benefit from TURP

At ABHIMAN KIDNEY CENTER the outcome of patients undergoing TURP is excellent because of the experience of conducting more than 1000 TURP procedures and proper selection of patients with urodynamic study.


Stone Surgeries


Abhiman kidney center is one of the best urology hospital at Madurai who are the pioneers in performing mini PCNL for kidney stones. Compared to other procedures for stones (RIRS and ESWL) Mini PCNL is patient friendly as it is less costly and offers immediate stone clearance. Our consultant Dr.M.V.Ramesh Babu, kidney stone specialist, has done more than 1000 mini PCNL procedures achieving stone clearance in most of the patients.

Endoscopic kidney stone removal is the treatment modality offered to majority of patients with kidney stones. Laparoscopic kidney stone removal and laser kidney stone removal are the other modalities available. Open kidney stone surgery is rarely done nowadays.