Reconstructive Urology & Uro Gyenecology

Stricture urethra


Stricture urethra was once upon a time a difficult disease to treat because of the recurrent nature of the illness. With the advancements in reconstructive surgical procedures (Buccal graft urethroplasty, excision and end to end anastomosis, prepucial pedicled graft urethroplasty) a good number of patients suffering from stricture urethra can hope for cure. Repeated endoscopic procedure and dilatations are no more required for stricture urethra patients. At Abhiman kidney center, for patients with recurrent stricture urethra we offer urethroplasty. The aim of treatment is to give them a stricture free life.




 Hypospadiasis is a congenital anamoly of male new born where in the opening of the urethra is not in its normal position - the tip of penis. These children needs to undergo surgical correction before they go to school to avoid psychological issues.  Facilities are available at Abhiman kidney center for the surgical correction of hypospadiasis. Most of them are offered single stage repair.


Uretero vaginal fistula (UVF)  & Vesico vaginal fistula (VVF)


These are the two dreaded complications of difficult hysterectomy leading to continuous urine leak through vagina. Facilities are available at Abhiman kidney center for the surgical correction of these conditions laparoscopically as well as with open surgery.


TOT for stress urinary incontinence


Urinary incontinence is the distressing symptom of involuntary passage of urine wetting undergarments. In stress incontinence there is leakage of urine whenever there is increase in intra-abdominal pressure ie., coughing, sneezing and lifting weights etc,


Stress urinary incontinence can be cured by a minimally invasive procedure called TOT (Transobturator tape insertion). The cure rate is more than 90% and improvement rate is more than 95%.  More than 50 patients with SUI have been treated by TOT insertion by our consultant with excellent results.